Company Overviw

Core Tehchnology

Strengthen core technology to support every business unit developing needs

Integrate TEMO technology

Integrate parts, modules to finished products

 Technology Direction

 Interconnet Components             

.High frequency
.Optic, mechanical, thermal integration
.APO, FTTH control
.CAE software simulation
.Customized design

 Wireless Components                 

.Mechanical design
.RF circuit design
.Software simulation
.Measurement platform
.Integrate with WiFi module
.IoT wireless modules

 Automotive Electronics               

.OEM electronic harness
.Multiple antennas & EMC solution
.Active powered antenna
.Automotive T-Box design

 LED Lightings                               

.Optical design
.Mechanical design
.Power management design
.Thermal / heating management design
.IoT control & hardware

  Product Design Technology

 Mechanical / Structure                 

.Normal Force
.Insertion & Extraction Force
.Stress Distribution

 Moldex 3D
 Tooling Design / Injection

.Filling Analysis
.Packing Analysis
.Cooling Analysis
.Warpage Analysis

 Electromagnetic / Signal Integrity

.Characteristic Impedance
.Scattering Parameters
.Current Distribution
.Radiation Pattern

 Signal Integrity / Circuit

.Circuit Model
.Characteristic Impedance
.Scattering Parameters
.Current Distribution
.Eye- diagram