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Weison LED 300W High Bay Luminaire Achieves Energy Saving Program for Customers Premises

In response to the continuing trend of energy saving & environmental concerns Wieson launched a new AGLAIA-12AC High Bay Luminaire series.

The market reaction is active after initial launched out. One of the delighted response from a European client who installed our new AGLAIA-12AC 300W LED High Bay Luminaire at 10 metre high ceiling in their factory. The client advised that energy cost reductions were noticeable within a short period of time. With Wieson unique designed Optic Lens ( OF lens type ) for Open Floor our 300W High Bay light generates 30,000lm lumen output providing a very high quality light effect for high ceiling sites.

With 40,000hrs life time which is 5 x the life time of traditional Mercury lamps we use hazard free, safe material in the luminary. No ultra-violet, no infrared, instant light up, no flicker, our High Bay light creates a safe, bright and efficient working environment. With considerable savings in maintenance and replacement lamps, we estimated return on your investment is about 2 years for AGLAIA-12AC 300W installations.

In addition to our 300W we also offer 240W & 180W for use in factories, warehouses, arenas and other large areas. Our High Bay series AGLAIA have CE,PSE and FCC certificate and also passed inverse kinematic(IK10 rating) test.

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