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High-speed QSFP+ cable assemblies

Compete portfolio of the popular QSFP form factor of cables and transceivers. 40G (QSFP+) and 100G (QSFP28) for intra rack and rack to rack communication. Instead of discrete components for short distance connectivity, DAC cables (Direct attached copper) offer a complete cable assembly. AOCs, which also provide complete cable assemblies, use real transceivers and therefore are suitable for longer distances.

Cable assemblies provide minimal part numbers and avoid problems with dirty connectors. Discrete transceivers take advantage of structured cabling and support longer distance in mega data centers and across geographically separated sites.


QSFP to QSFP copper direct-attach 100GBASE-CR4 cables are cost effective I/O solutions for
100 GB Ethernet and OTU4 applications, which high performance. The main advantage of the QSFP28 copper modules are high port density, configurability and utilization and meanwhile can operate within reduced power consumption and at very low cost.

Product Features

• Supports 103.125Gb/s and 111.8Gb/s bit rate
• Lower power consumption for single module < 0.5W
• 30AWG up to 3 meters distance
• Power supply: +3.3V
• Compatible with SFF-8436
• Temperature range 0 - 70°C
• RoHS6 compliant
• Compatible to SFF-8665


• 100G Ethernet links
• Data center
• OTU4