LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Wieson started its business on Connector and Cable since 1990. In the past 26 years, Wieson continuously develop technology on RF, Optical Fiber, Automotive Electronics, Consumer Electronics, and also LED Lighting. Our business concepts are excellence, innovation, trustworthiness and appreciation.

In recent years, due to the energy shortage crisis and the ascend of environment awareness, LED green lighting has been publicly known as an important role in reduction of energy consumption. Thus in 2008 Wieson has established GELA in the LED business to serve Indoor, Outdoor, Industrial, Architectural, Agricultural, Smart and Automotive safety lighting products. 

Wieson was not only for OEM/ODM1/ODM2 products design and manufacture service and also provided LED lighting total solution to satisfy various customers' demands. GELA is fully focused on energy and environmental friendly products, which meet with laws and regulations. GELA has many years of successful experience in developing many iconic projects with world's major LED lighting brands.

Wieson's team strictly sticks to the principle of quality with steady production output. Combine with years of working experience in the LED industry, apply the expertise and innovation idea to provide the world with the most advance LED total solution. To contribute in the improvement of mankind's lighting quality.


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