Company Overview

Core Tehchnology

Core technology integration

Business unit resource sharing

Parts, modules and final products integration

 Technology Direction

Interconnet Components

.High frequency, high Speed technology
.Precision mechanical design technology
.Precision tooling design technology
.Verification & testing technology
.Water-proof technology
.Auto manufacturing technology

 Wireless Components   

. Mechanical design
. RF circuit design
. Software simulation
. Measurement platform

 Automotive Electronics  

.OEM/ODM electronic harness design technology
.Automotive customized connector design technology
.Automotive 5G antenna & smart antenna design technology
.Automotive charging  module & wireless charger technology
.ADAS interconnector design and  high frequency, high speed technology
.PCBA design and manufacture technology


  Product Design Technology

Mechanical / Structure    

.Normal Force
.Insertion & Extraction Force
.Stress Distribution

Tooling / Injection

.Filling Analysis
.Packing Analysis
.Cooling Analysis
.Warpage Analysis

Electromagnetic / Signal Integrity

.Scattering Parameters
.Current Distribution
.Radiation Pattern

Circuit Model / Signal Analysis

.Circuit Cascade
.Circuit Embedded & De-embedded
.Scattering Parameters


 High Speed CAE Design



High Precision Mechanical CAE Design


.Insertion & Extraction Force
.Stress Distribution

High Precision Tooling CAE Design


.Tooling Design
.Filling Analysis
.Warpage Analysis