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Wieson Technology muscle into 5G and WiFi 6E multi-band broadband antennas with full force

With the global COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of long-distance communications for home, school, and office have integrated applications of wireless broadband technologies such as WiFi, 4G LTE, and 5G NR, creating a new era of heterogeneous network combined applications.

In 2021, Wieson Technology's (6272) wireless application business will be fully operational, and will deploy new product series of telecommunications and Netcom antennas to fully attack routers, gaming, monitoring, security, automotive, Business opportunities for low-orbit satellites and small base stations.

Wieson Wireless Application Business  Division has been working in the Netcom industry for many years, focusing on the development of passive key components such as antennas, high-frequency connectors and cables, and building a one-stop supply chain; on the core antenna products, it has designed a multi-band and wide-band antenna architecture , CPE antennas for 4G LTE full frequency band and 5G NR FR1 frequency band have been mass-produced and shipped. The tri-band antenna that can be used for WiFi AP/Router/Edge server products is suitable for the bandwidth and network speed of the WiFi 6E frequency band. It is currently the main source of orders for the business unit.


In recent years, Wieson’s diversified external antennas, equipped with fireproof, waterproof and light-emitting functions, successfully entered the gaming market, and expanded to the surveillance, security and automotive fields. The high-end professional antenna technology has won the favor of major international manufacturers. Orders for new applications are clearly expected to increase overall antenna revenue this year, and the continuity of future orders is also worth looking forward to.

Wieson 's patented single-feed dual-polarized antenna architecture realizes the high gain and narrow beam characteristics of mmWave array antennas, and accelerates the deployment of 5G FR2. Strengthen the design of outdoor ODU (Outdoor Unit, Digital Microwave Transceiver) high-gain antennas to connect signals from low-orbit satellites and 5G mmWave base stations. Orders are in demand in the first quarter of 2021. Hand in hand with the optical fiber division of the group to enter the fixed wireless access (FWA) market, providing peripheral components for 5G wired networks, and a complete component product chain, as shown in Figure 1, and has been deployed in advance for 6G products.

5G femtocell antennas are the one of the new products that Wieson  focuses on development. In addition to the smooth shipment of the products in the first quarter of this year, the measurement energy upgrade of WiFi 6E has also been completed. The relevant antennas have begin to be shipped by the end of 2020, and have successfully grabbed Enter 5G NR and WiFi 6E architecture antenna application business opportunities.


High-frequency connectors and cables are indispensable components around the antenna. Wieson’s AR7XXX series high-frequency connectors have a frequency range of 11GHz and a diverse product series covering: SMA, SMB, TNC, MCX, MMCX, N Type, F Type, MHF and RF Switch. And the high-frequency connection line corresponding to the connector also has a diversified complete series.

In 2021, the wireless communication industry will flourish, and Wieson Technology will be fully muscled. It will gradually complete the mid-to-long-term technical layout of high-end antennas and peripheral products, as well as the establishment of automated processes in Dongguan and Xizhi plants. The legal person pointed out that the visibility of Wieson 's orders this year is good, and the company is optimistic about its operational growth prospects. The wireless application  business unit has achieved an annual revenue growth rate of 112% in the first two quarters. It will strive for annual revenue and profit, setting a record high.

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