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Wieson Technologies develops WiFi 7 multi-band broadband antenna patent

Wieson Technologies develops WiFi 7 multi-band broadband antenna patent

In recent years, Wieson has launched a number of new WiFi 7 technologies for the new WiFi market to meet the growing needs of the technology market; WiFi 7 represents the next huge leap in wireless networks, bringing faster, more stable, and more reliable services to enterprises and consumers.

With the rapid changes in the technology industry, the demand for wireless connections is also growing. With the rise of emerging applications such as the Internet of Things, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR), the market is demanding wider bandwidth and lower latency. Whether it is home, business or public places, WiFi 7 will bring significant performance improvements.

In response to demand, Wieson has launched relevant antenna design technology and has applied for multiple patents at the same time. The patent "sleeve-type asymmetric coplanar waveguide-fed multi-frequency broadband antenna " applies to the low-frequency section and high-frequency section of WiFi antennas. It is a dipole asymmetric multi-frequency array antenna, which is not only suitable for the new WiFi 7 frequency band, but can also be used in WiFi 6e/WiFi 6/WiFi 5/WiFi 4 and other systems. The antenna of this patent operates in the frequency band from 2400MHz to 7125MHz from low frequency to high frequency, and all meets the impedance matching standard.

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