Wireless Components

Wireless Components

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Wireless Application Business Unit (WABU) has specialized in RF antenna design, manufacturing and sales. 

In order to improve our performance to satisfy market demand, Wieson has successfully developed low noise, low consumption and multi-band products and the better manufacturing procedures, such as 4G LTE antenna, LCT antenna and MLI antenna, to maximize the efficiency and minimize the antenna size. 

We are not only fully equipped with the RF facilities (e.g. Microwave communication laboratory, 3D printer & vector network analyzer), but also highly capable of customer design in EMI and RF solutions.
Wieson will be your best RF co-op partner! 


Wieson RF Chamber Introduction

With the diversified applications of the internet of Things, the problem of wireless signal interference has become increasingly serious.
At the time, radio frequency (RF) detection is detected through radio and electronic communication equipment, it can ensure the effective use of the wireless spectrum by the device.

Wieson Technologies various laboratories for measuring antennas, which are essential for measuring the quality of antennas.

In most international markets, radio frequency compliance is a mandatory requirement, otherwise your products will not be legally sole.

Wieson Technologies has complete wireless equipment testing and verification experience, and will assist you to meet relevant testing and verification requirements.


Wieson 5G Antenna Series

.5G External Antenna (Sub-6G): length≦118mm or ≦139mm
.5G Waterproof Antenna (Sub-6G): 650X128X56mm
.4G+5G External Antenna: length≦215mm / Width≦25mm
.4G+5G Internal Antenna: length≦120mm / Width≦20mm

More 5G Antenna Product Series


Plastic Injection Product Capabilities

Advance Automation bulid-up

Advance Automation
Insert metal molding + auto packing 
• Required high quality tooling
• Mature automation equipment
• Two advance auto system in production, Three more in May

Cutting Jig
Cutting jig for gates implemented over 30% of production tools

Automatic film assembly
Machine replace hand assembly
one by one


Germany GOM ATOS 3D Scanner Technology

GOM ATOS 3D scanner are able to convert the complex surface into CAD drawing in 30 mins. Molds parts like sliders, electrodes dimensions can be 100% verify before assembly. Trial Injection parts not only points but surface can be measured and found the problem in early stage.

Model GOMA ATOS Core
Tolerance +/- 0.01mm
Process time 30mins-60mins
Applied object electrodes, tools core/ cavity, sliders, complex injected parts

Tools average trail time 3.5 -> 2.8
FAI accuracy increase 10%


Internet of Machine by APP

More than 150 machines connected to internet includes all the injection, CNC, EDM and wire-cut machines.

Real-time production status can be monitored by smart phone app. Multi-data are controlled and recorded into datebase avoid manual mistake.

Automatic alter message sent to Wechat get attention from all level of management. 


Production utilization increase 15% up

Night shift efficiency increase 30% up
No hidden data


Tool making process Control system

Erowa MoldLine control links the CAM programming, CNC machines, measure, EDM together by internet and RIFD chip on electrodes jigs.

No manual implement data to CNC/EDM machines, the manufactory mistake take in action as early as the part been made.

Reduce shopfloor technician, no manual mistake, increases accuracy.


Tooling Factory

Tooling Design Engineer: 20
Moldflow Engineer: 1
AutoDesk CAD, Pro-E5.0, UG9.0, Moldfolw

Tooling Engineer: 6
Experienced tooling engineers that in charged to monitor tooling status. Reviewing with customer RD

Measurement Engineer: 4
Control the precision of tooling and FAI dimension ensure the tooling quality, include a 3D CMM,3D scanner




Molding Factory 

Electric Inj. Machine: 67
Most of machine are Japan made with high stability, productivity and powder saving.

Double Inj. Machine: 17
Full range of machines from 180T-380T which can satisfy all kinds of demand.

Double Inj. Machine: 17
Full range of machines from 180T-380T which can satisfy all kinds of demand.

Hydraulic Inj. Machine: 26
Full range from 50T-1000T
T mold inj. Machine: 4
Vertical inj. Machine: 1




Post Processing Factory

Assembly line: 18
High flexibility with total 18 assembly line with a hundred of people.
Provides all kinds of prints.

Auto spindle line: 3 lines
Painting line: 6 lines
Auto-install nuts machine: 8
Diversify painting lines provide sufficient capacity.

Auto-install nuts machine provides great capacity and stability.



Production capacity

Tooling capacity

.Average annual 400 tooling
. Max 60 tooling a month
. High-end Japan precise machineries
. Engineers, 25. Technicians 50

Moldling capacity

. Total 110 injection machines
. Size 50T-1000T include 2k injection
. Under 300T all Japan precise electric injection machines
. 50T-150T injection machines -> 65
.Automation all equipment 5 axis robot able to insert molding without operation involved


. CNC/EDM/Wire-cut 21 set
. Injection Machines 66 set