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Wieson launches new display connector product line

Wieson as a cutting edge supplier of the new display connectors and cables, expects explosive demand growth in 2022 for the North America market

Wieson Technology (6272) has recently made significant progress in the development of a new generation of high-frequency and high-speed display connector product lines; Wieson Technology Group's Advanced RD center has won the recognition of major American GPU IC manufacturers, and has jointly developed in the past two years a variety of new display connectors of the next-generation interface specifications by the VESA Association. In 2021, Wieson will become the world's first supplier to launch such products.

In the past ten years, Wieson Technology Group’s R&D Center in Taiwan, integrated R&D resources, and quickly responded to technology demand and know-how to various business units within the group. In addition to continuing to cultivate the existing 3C application, the group has expanded product solutions for the AIoT (smart home and home security), GPU (graphics card), IPC (industrial / waterproof), cloud and storage device (Server & Storage) and smart car applications.

In recent years, the trend for high-frequency and high-speed connectors demand has gradually risen. Wieson Technology Group has established an Advanced R&D Center (ADD) as a driving force dedicated for high-end connector line products’ R&D, special attention to optimize design has made substantial breakthroughs on transmission characteristics, to deliver better product and technology to customers.

Through working with major North American GPU IC brands for more than 20 years, Wieson has been delivering generations of new display interface connectors. In recent years, market demand for graphics cards increased sharply, resulting urgent and dramatic demand increase for related connectors from all customers.

Wieson Technology pointed out that as the application of GPU becomes more widespread, from PCs to gaming PCs, servers, and automobiles. At the same time, the manufacturing process of IC has progressed from 7nm to 5nm. Therefore, the technical entry barrier for high-frequency and high-speed capabilities of connector lines are getting higher. Therefore, manufacturers without such capabilities have gradually been exiting the market.

Wieson Technology, a connector and cable manufacturer for more than 30 years, not only has the ability and experience to manufacture high speed connectors and cables, but was also invited to participate in the development for the next generation of display connector interfaces by North American VESA&HDMI Association. After two years of hard work, Wieson successfully completed the designs of the next-generation display connectors. Small quantities will be shipping to customers in 2021.

Industry leaders predict that in 2022, the next-generation display connector standards will begin to completely replace the previous generation. As the major brands GPU applications expand to cars, AI, and servers, so will the demand for the new generation of display connectors. It is expected that Wieson Technology will have impressive growth contributed from launching this new generation of high-frequency and high-speed display connector lines to market.