RF & Wireless Solution

RF & Wireless Solution

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Based on its multidimensional operations, Wieson Technology has grown stronger and more prosperous to reinvest in Wieson International Co., Ltd. which provides superior wireless solutions, such as antennas and modules. With the professional R&D teams, based in Taiwan and China, offer prompt technical support to customers.

Catching up the coming big waves of IoT and wireless applications, Wieson has integrated its engineering resources for more wireless modules developments (e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE, GPS, combo modules).

On hardware aspects, we design and manufacture wireless solutions from antennas to modules. Meanwhile, we develop App, firewall and remote control systems to cater software and firmware customer groups.

Wieson aims to meet higher requirements on industrial control, smart home, automotive electronics and medical care applications. We provide multi-functional approach to enhance your life productivity.

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