SATA 2.0, 7pin

Shrouded SATA, Vertical Type      

  • Orientation Right Angle
  • PCB Mounting Style Through Hole

Product Drawing

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Product Description

• High Speed Support: SATA 3.0(6Gb/s) & SAS 3.0(12Gb/s)
• Low-profiled & Slim design、Hi-Rise design
• Female、Male type
• Vertical、R/A 、Mid mount type
• SMT/ DIP/ Press fit type
• Automatic assembly line
• Capacity: 3000K/M


• Hard Disk Drives (HDD)
• Solid State Drives (SSD)
• Optical Disk Drives (ODD), including CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray drives
• Desktop and notebook PCs
• Multimedia peripherals
• Mid-range servers
• Storage systems