USB  Type-C 3.2(3.1) Top-Mount

Top-Mount Type (CH: 1.6mm)

  • Orientation Right Angle
  • PCB Mounting Style Hybrid

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Product Description

Connector、Cable、Dongle (Docking) total solutions
Compatible with USB 3.1 spec (Up to 10Gbps)
USB 3.1 Type C cable support 5A Max 
• USB Type C connector include dual-row SMT type & hybrid type
• High frequency connector design capability (C.A.E)
• Housing: Thermoplastic, UL94V-0 Rated; Contact: Copper Alloy;Mid-plate : Stainless Steel;Shell :Stainless Steel ;Back Shell :Stainless 
• Insertion force:5N to 20N
• Extraction force:Up to 1000 mating cycles 8N to 20 N After durability 6N to 20 N


• Factory automation
• Industrial machinery
• Data centers
• Medical devices
• A/V digital switches
• Power packs and chargers
• Automotive infotainment
• Business equipment
• Lighting
• Tablets
• PCs and laptops
• Wearables
• Smartphones