SMD Type
Pitch 2.0mm

Male AC2580-03, Female AC4220-03

High Speed Support: 
PCIe3.0 (8GT/s)

  • Orientation Vertical
  • PCB Mounting Style SMT
    Mating Height 6.8mm
    Number of contacts 6~40 pin

Product Drawing

Product Description

We offer Pin Header and Female Header connector solutions in various stack heights from 3.65mm to 6.8mm. Our product series features high speed data rate, PCIe4.0(16GT/s), and USB3.2 Gen2 Type C (10Gbps), various communication advantages; and more. Our design capability allows us to continue to develop innovative new products in the High Speed Header connector series.


• Cam Module
• RF Module
• Portable game
• Portable music player
• Wireless Product
• Smart TV