SMD Type
Pitch 2.0mm

Male AC2580-03, Female AC4220-03

High Speed Support: 
PCIe3.0 (8GT/s)

  • Orientation Vertical
  • PCB Mounting Style SMT
    Mating Height 6.8mm
    Number of contacts 6~40 pin

Product Description

We offer Pin Header and Female Header connector solutions in various stack heights from 3.65mm to 6.8mm. Our product series features high speed data rate, PCIe4.0(16GT/s), and USB3.2 Gen2 Type C (10Gbps), various communication advantages; and more. Our design capability allows us to continue to develop innovative new products in the High Speed Header connector series.


• Cam Module
• RF Module
• Portable game
• Portable music player
• Wireless Product
• Smart TV