Enhanced DisplayPort 2.1 Cable

Mini DP/M to FSDP/M, 1M
DP80 UHBR, 80Gbps

  • Cable Assembly Length (mm) 1000mm
  • Wire Size (AWG) 30AWG

DisplayPort™ (DP) standard specifies an open digital communications interface for use in both internal connections, such as interfaces within a PC or monitor, and external display connections. Suitable external display connections include interfaces between a PC and monitor or projector, between a PC and TV, or between a device such as a DVD player and TV display.

The next-generation DisplayPort™ (DP) specification is divided into three categories that reflect the Ultra High Bit Rates 40Gbps (10Gbps/lane), 54Gbps (13.5Gbps/lane), and 80Gbps (20Gbps/lane).

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Product Description

• Max. Bandwidth up to 80Gbps_(20Gbps/lane)
• DP80 cable supports UHBR20 and UHBR13.5 data rates.
• Follow the standard of VESA Enhanced DP2.1 Spec.
• Compatible with early version DP 1.4/2.0
• Cable ID for data detection.
• Certification by VESA Association
• Support 8K Resolution


• PCs
• External display interconnects
• TV monitors
• Panels
• Projectors
• Game consoles
• Mobile devices